SpartaPlast has been created in order to serve the Latin American consumer and meet their daily needs through plastic items. Our staff is focused on delivering to customers a finished product with the best Quality / Price ratio and this is achieved through a synergy of efforts and observation in detail at each link in the supply chain.


The Spartaplast management team has a broad vision and experience in the plastics industry and in the marketing and distribution of products. This experience is reflected in the fact that the company has the most advanced technology machinery in the industry, which allows maximum efficiency and productivity. The excellent long-term relationships achieved with our suppliers allow us to obtain the best raw materials and optimal supply according to market trends. It also allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market with innovative products that really satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers and consumers. This is demonstrated by our line of Pots Sparta, a pioneer product with which we launched and made ourselves known in the Central American market.


Plastic items have evolved and it has been shown that most market segments demand them. This fact has caused a growth of the “Institutional” category which consists of using plastics as a promotional strategy. Spartaplast knows this fact and strives to offer its institutional clients products that adapt to these strategies. The sales team is focused on providing excellent customer service and this implies cooperating with creative ideas, sharing information and conducting negotiations that give a Win-Win result for both parties.

The organizational culture is based on teamwork, motivation, true fellowship and cooperation. It is an interdependent culture that seeks to improve the operational capabilities of all employees. Each one is inspired by the vision of Spartaplast:

“By 2025, it will be the leading supplier of plastic products in the Central American market, with the best quality and variety at a competitive price, optimizing available resources and generating added value to customers through teamwork and development. of human capital ”.


Our short term objectives:
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Service Excellence
  • Operational productivity
  • Fast response and process time
  • Continuous innovation
  • Supply Chain Integration